Mahfud Md : Remembering a Great Leader

Mahfud Md : Remembering a Great Leader

In a place called Indonesia, there is a man named Mahfud Md, and he did something special. He visited the resting place of another important person, Mohammad Hatta. Let’s find out why!

Mahfud Md : A Visit to Bung Hatta’s Grave

Mahfud Md went to the grave of Bung Hatta, who was the first Vice President of Indonesia. It’s like when you visit your friend’s house, but this time, it’s a special place where important people are remembered.

Mahfud Md : Remembering a Great Leader

Mahfud Md ; Bung Hatta, a Role Model

Mahfud Md’s remembered Bung Hatta as someone very special. He said that Bung Hatta was a great example, especially when he was the Vice President. A role model is like a superhero who shows us how to be good and kind.

Mahfud Md : Strong Messages

Mahfud Md’s had some important messages. First, he wanted to talk to his own heart, and second, he wanted to tell everyone about Bung Hatta. He said that Bung Hatta is a big hero, and we should always remember him because he did amazing things for Indonesia.

A Place Called Tanah Kusir

This special visit happened in a place called Tanah Kusir in Jakarta Selatan. It’s like a treasure hunt, but instead of looking for treasures, Mahfud Md was looking for memories of a great person.

Bung Hatta’s Extraordinary Service

Mahfud Md’s talked about how Bung Hatta, along with his friend Ir Soekarno, worked very hard for Indonesia. They helped the country become independent, like when you learn to do things by yourself.

Proklamator Ir Soekarno

Ir Soekarno, the friend of Bung Hatta, is called a Proklamator. It means he was part of making something very important happen. Like when you and your friend build something amazing together.

Bringing Freedom to Indonesia

Bung Hatta and Ir Soekarno did something incredible. They brought freedom to Indonesia. It’s like when you win a game, but this game was about making sure everyone can be happy and free.

Messages to the Heart

Mahfud Md also wanted to make sure his own heart understood these important messages. Sometimes, it’s like talking to yourself and reminding yourself to be good and caring.

Never Forget Bung Hatta

Mahfud Md said that Bung Hatta will never be forgotten. It’s like when you have a favorite toy, and you never want to forget about it because it brings you joy. Bung Hatta brings joy to Indonesia.

Gold Ink of History

Finally, Mahfud Md said that Bung Hatta will never disappear from the golden ink of history. It means that Bung Hatta’s story will always be remembered, just like when you write something important in gold so it never fades away.