Mobile Legends support Floryn: Cool Guide

Mobile Legends support Floryn: Cool Guide

The Mobile Legends support hero Floryn is one of the coolest, and she has some great skills. Floryn could be your new best friend if you want to make your team better and change the game. Let’s look at what she can do and how you can use her to take over the fight.

Mobile Legends support Floryn: Getting good at Floryn’s skills

Mobile Legends support Floryn: Leave it to Dew

Flayn’s passive skill, Dew, is like having a secret tool hidden away. She has the Dew’s Lantern with her, which forever raises her stats. She can also give the Flower of Hope’s power to a partner when she’s not in a fight. That person on the team gets a shield every time Floryn heals them. That’s pretty cool, right? Don’t forget that you can’t sell Dew’s Lantern once you have it. So, be smart about which friend you give its power to!

Mobile Legends support Floryn: The first skill is to sow.

With Sow, Floryn can throw an Energy Seed at an enemy to do magic damage to them. Plus, Healing Fruits appear and bounce to her friends close, helping them stay healthy. It’s like a fruity burst of good health! Keep in mind, though, that those fruits won’t appear if your enemy runs away while you throw them. When you want to steal an enemy’s buff, sow is very useful. It keeps your team fit and ready to fight.

Second Skill: Grow a sprout

Floryn’s second skill, Sprout, changes everything. When she throws a ball of energy at her enemies, it explodes in a big way that stuns them and shows where they are. That blob will still go boom, stunning anyone close even if she misses an enemy. Also, guess what? It also works on minions! To catch those enemy heroes off guard, make sure you aim it just right.

The best – Bloom

Let’s talk about Bloom, the best move of all time. Bloom is like a healing wave that goes through all of Floryn’s friends, no matter where they are on the map. It fixes them up and gets rid of any bad effects that make it hard for them to heal or protect themselves. It changes everything in team fights. Don’t forget to use it before it’s too late. Bloom can heal you, but you have to be quick on your feet to use it.

The Best Builds and Sets

If you want Floryn to be strong, you should give her things that make her heal faster and use magic more. When it comes to combos, Sow and Bloom work really well together to heal. Throw Sprout at enemies to stop them and get your team ready to win.

In conclusion

Floryn changes the game, not just helps out the main character. She can turn the tide of any fight with her healing and stunning skills. Give Floryn a try if you want to be the best VTBET player ever. I promise you won’t be let down.