Japan earthquake : Ensuring the Safety of Friends

Japan earthquake : Ensuring the Safety of Friends

In a faraway land called Japan earthquake, there was a big shake, like when you shake a toy to make a sound. But this time, it was a big shake called an earthquake. The friends from Indonesia who live there, the WNI (Warga Negara Indonesia), were okay, and the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo made sure of that.

Japan earthquake : The Big Shake in Ishikawa

In a place called Ishikawa, the earth shook a lot. It was like a giant teddy bear jumping up and down. But don’t worry, the Indonesian Embassy checked, and our friends from Indonesia were safe.

Japan earthquake : Ensuring the Safety of Friends


Japan earthquake : The Embassy’s Quick Action

The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo is like a superhero headquarters. As soon as they heard about the big shake, they called the friends in Ishikawa to make sure everyone was okay. They even prepared things like snacks and blankets in case their friends needed them.

Friends Leaving Their Homes

After the Japan earthquake, the local government told our friends to leave their homes for a little while. It’s like when you have to stay at your friend’s house for a sleepover because something happened at your home. The Embassy is helping our friends during this time.

Coordinating with the Local Government

The Embassy is like a big team. They talked to the local government in Ishikawa to know where our friends are staying and if they need anything. It’s like when you and your friends work together to play a fun game.

Logistics for Emergencies

The Embassy is also getting ready for anything that might happen. They are preparing things like food and water, just like when you pack snacks for a picnic. It’s important to be ready in case our friends need help.

Japan Earthquake Our Ambassador, Heri Akhmadi

A person called the Ambassador, Heri Akhmadi, is like the leader of the superhero team. He talked to everyone and said they are watching over our friends in Japan. It’s like when your parents say they are always there for you.

Staying in Temporary Places

Our friends in Ishikawa are staying in temporary places for now. It’s like when you go camping and sleep in a tent. The Embassy is making sure they have everything they need.

Checking on Everyone’s Health

The Embassy is also asking about the health of our friends. It’s like when your teacher asks if you feel good or if you need anything. They want to make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

Not Forgetting Anyone

The Ambassador, Heri Akhmadi, said they won’t forget anyone. It’s like when you promise your friend that you will always remember them. The Embassy is keeping a close eye on everyone to make sure they are safe.

The Story of Friendship

So, in the big story of friendship between Indonesia and Japan, the Embassy is like the caring friend who makes sure everyone is okay, especially during a big shake. Our friends are safe and sou

nd, and everyone is helping each other, just like good friends do.